How to Choose Office Uniform?

Few Things to Consider Before Selecting Work Uniform

You need to choose the right office uniform in order to make your investment worthy; if you’re considering for your own company, then the outfit should be comfortable enough to wear at work, despite looking good on your employees and should represent what kind of task you’re dealing with to make good impression on customers and clients.

Consider the following things to buy office uniform for your team or yourself.

What to Wear and How Does It Look?

The uniform you choose should look professional; the logo or company name should be given high attention, representing what the firm works for. The shabby dresses can never make a good first impression and hence make it a point to choose high quality fabrics and right color. There are many types of uniforms available and you could keep different ones for each department.

You can find several brands offering work uniforms, ranging from chambray shirts to heavy wool to polyester blends. Brook Taverner clothing is one such firm that works with some of the best brands and companies across the globe, ensuring that all clothes are made ethically in factories that cover requirements for performance, design, and certification of office uniforms.

The collared uniforms could be of short or long sleeve, golf or Polo style, t-shirt with collar; formal pants are most considered. Whatever the uniform you choose, it should have an edgy look, representing your business. Whether you’re purchasing it for staffs working at factories or workers in office, you need to choose products that fit your branding. You can go for simpler ones or fashionable ones, but ensure that your employees feel comfortable to work wearing them.

Unique Yet Comfortable Design

Most companies these days have uniform; few firms strictly tell employees to wear only formals, while few choose their own uniforms. The clothes that you choose should be different from other organizations, especially your competitor. It could be in the form of pattern, design or color, but choose something that goes with your business. Select unique colored theme, having your brand’s logo embroidered or printed on it. When your clients see your staffs, they should get connected with your brand. Yet another important thing that you need to consider is that uniform is not all about style; since employees have to wear them throughout the day they should be given equal importance. No matter whether they’re working in factory or sitting in front of system, the uniform should be as comfortable and cool as possible.

Fabric and Color

It is suggested to select a professional looking color, which flatters most skin types and shapes. It is safer to choose uniforms in black, grey or navy colors. Keep the design in simple plain format or professionally looking pattern or stripe. Navy and charcoal colors look great with blacks or whites and look stylish and contemporary when worn with right or complementary accessories. When choosing fabric material, it is better to consider few things, such as good looks increased comfort, greater crease recovery, less piling, and great performance.

Selecting the right work uniform can affect employee’s productivity and hence consider above things for comfort of staffs and the picture of your business that you want to portray.


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